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Are you ready to embark on an epic Viking adventure with your friends? Look no further than Valheim Game Servers from ThinkWeb Gaming!

Our servers are optimized for performance and reliability, ensuring a smooth and seamless gaming experience for you and your fellow warriors. With our easy-to-use control panel, you can customize every aspect of your server to fit your playstyle and preferences.

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Explore the dynamically changing landscape of game servers, curated specifically to cater to your gaming cravings! Every month, we bring you a fresh compilation of the most sought-after servers, ensuring that you stay one step ahead by discovering the perfect games to indulge in. Get ready to embark on a thrilling gaming journey with our meticulously updated list!

Enshrouded, the highly immersive and visually stunning game, has created a significant buzz among gamers worldwide. With its intricate storyline, captivating gameplay mechanics, and breathtaking graphics, players are eager to dive into the Enshrouded universe...

And now, ThinkWeb Gaming is making it easier than ever to join in on the action with high-quality game servers optimized for a seamless gaming experience.

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We understand the importance of trusted recommendations, and our team's expertise ensures that you receive top-notch suggestions tailored to the gaming community's interests. Stay tuned for our monthly recommendations, and let ThinkWeb be your go-to source for discovering exciting games endorsed by passionate gamers like ourselves.

More than 100+ Game Servers to choose from!

Join our platform to unlock a treasure trove of over 100+ games, including a diverse array of the most sizzling and acclaimed titles available.

Whether you crave the creativity of Minecraft, the survival challenges of ARK, or the gripping world of Valheim, we cater to all your gaming desires. Experience exhilarating journeys, confront your friends in thrilling competitions, or plunge into the immersive realm of multiplayer gaming, all at the simple click of a button.

An interface that's simple!

We take pride in presenting our exceptionally powerful and simple interface. With just a few clicks, you'll have the ability to effortlessly create, manage, customize, or start new servers. Say goodbye to confusion and frustration, as our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience.

Plus, our real-time server logs keeps you informed about every action and status of your server, providing you with valuable insights and peace of mind. Experience the convenience and efficiency that our platform offers, making server management a breeze.

Get your game servers in under 3 minutes

Born out of friendship, ThinkWeb has evolved into becoming a trusted name in the game server rental industry. We have cultivated a profound understanding of our customers' requirements, ensuring that our services meet and exceed their expectations.

Renting reliable and robust game servers has never been easier, taking just under 3 minutes to set up. Our streamlined process allows you to quickly get started and focus on what matters most – playing your favourite games with friends and fellow gamers. Trust in ThinkWeb Gaming to provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

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Experience fast loading times and uninterrupted gameplay with ThinkWeb Game Servers. We understand the importance of minimal latency losses, and that's why our servers are optimised to provide you with a seamless gaming experience.

With 16 datecenter locations strategically positioned worldwide, you can easily rent game servers and enjoy playing with your friends from any corner of the globe. Immerse yourself in real-time action, no matter where you are, and make every moment count. Say goodbye to lag and geographic barriers, and game on with confidence.

Getting Started With ThinkWeb Game Servers!

Ordering a server with us is designed to be a simple and efficient process. Our goal is to ensure that you can set up your game server with ease and without any unnecessary complications. We prioritise a smooth and efficient ordering process to get your game server up and running quickly. Our dedicated team are committed to providing a hassle-free experience from start to finish, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your gaming experience.

To begin your journey with ThinkWeb Gaming, navigate our website and locate the specific game you're interested in. After finding it, select the desired number of player slots, provide a name for the server, and set an RCON password. Finally, proceed to checkout to complete your order. It's as easy as that!

Once your game server order is successfully placed, you will receive confirmation emails containing important information. These emails will notify you when your server is activated and provide all the necessary details for accessing the GamePanel. In the GamePanel, you will have access to your control panel and SFTP details. It's important to note that your SFTP username and password will be the same as your GamePanel login credentials.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in game server hosting, we understand the importance of having access to comprehensive support and resources. Our custom-built knowledge base is designed to cater to users of all levels and provide them with the guidance they need to succeed.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond our knowledge base. If you are unable to find the answer you're looking for, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you further. We are here to provide personal and prompt support to ensure your game server hosting experience is smooth and hassle-free.

So whether you're just starting out or a seasoned game server host, rest assured that we have the resources and support to meet your needs and help you make the most of your game server hosting journey.

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